Election Explainer #2-16: Voters Guide to State Questions plus Federal and Judicial Candidates



Oklahomans face a myriad of choices in the 2016 election on Tuesday, November 8. In addition to the Presidential race that has been consuming so much attention, Oklahomans will vote for one U.S. Senator, one Representative for the U.S. House, whether to retain or reject two Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices, and whether to approve or reject seven State Questions ranging from the death penalty (SQ776) to providing increased treatment for non-violent drug offenders (SQ 780 & 781) to protecting religious liberty (SQ 790).

To help Oklahomans sift through the choices, the Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma, in collaboration with the Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, published an “Election Explainer.” The Election Explainer does not endorse any candidate, justice or state question, but provides basic information to help Oklahoma voters start their education process before voting.

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