Legislative Testimony #3-15: Presentation to OK State Senate Interim Study 15-61—The Impact of Women’s Incarceration on Oklahoma’s Children



On September 16, 2015, the Oklahoma State Senate held Interim Study 15-61 to study: “The high rates of Female Incarceration, the causes and impact on our State. Study what we are doing to help offenders re-enter society without re-offending, while keeping the public safe."

The Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma was invited to testify on how Oklahoma’s high-rate of incarcerating non-violent female offenders impacts families and children. FPIO President Timothy Tardibono explained to the panel, which also included members from the OK House of Representatives, that children of incarcerated parents are at high risk of becoming dependent on government services and not flourishing as they grow and develop. However, if the OK State Legislature, community and faith-based organizations can serve these children and prepare their parents for successful re-integration upon release, the recidivism rate will decrease, child well-being will improve with both positive results reducing costs to the OK taxpayer.

To see a portion of Tardibono’s remarks, view the news coverage from the Oklahoma News Report on OETA TV here starting at 4:56 of the video.

To review the presentation slides, open the Policy Memorandum box below.